Thermometer Gift

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In a radiometer, the vanes rotate in sunlight in the direction that is facing the bright sides of the vanes.

When you have a beautiful rotating globe, you can teach your children where all of their relatives live across the world.

03/09/17 11:03:20 AM

Teen or college age students will enjoy receiving one of our sand pendulums or sand pictures as a special gift.

03/07/17 06:00:44 PM

When you make a globe available and accessible in your home, your children will enjoy learning about people who live in different countries.

03/06/17 05:18:09 AM

Many people find the Galilean thermometer to be quite interesting, and that's what makes it an excellent gift to give.

03/05/17 12:58:35 AM

Our radiometers are quite intriguing, and even young children love watching them.

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